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Protocolo Covid

In order to addapt our measures to security needs because of Covid-19, space access and schedules should be modified. During these exceptional circumstances, at Holiday World Hotels, we are committed to managing our resort responsibly, based on a sustainable tourism model, which guarantees that we protect and look after the people in our environment. To this end, we have revised and improved our health and safety strategy, especially for our GUESTS, STAFF MEMBERS AND SUPPLIERS. We have collaborated with healthcare professionals and specialists who are trained by doctors, laboratories and health and safety consultants to draft this protocol and deliver our #SAFEHOLIDAY measures, aimed at ensuring you feel safe on holiday during these uncertain times. At Holiday World, we are going to maintain and adapt our QUALITY AND SAFETY standards as our brand identity, enhancing and adapting our internal protocols with the objective of giving you, our guests, complete peace of mind while on holiday.
Holiday World Resort is exceptionally located between the mountains and the sea, and while it is a reasonable distance from the town centre, it remains well connected. The resort boasts an area of 400,000 m2 surrounded by green areas and sports facilities in an unbeatable natural setting. In addition, the hotel has: - Spacious 70m2 roomsthat are fully equipped with everything you need (i.e. kitchens), leisure areas with on-site shops, entertainment areas and 12 swimming pools. - A 30,000 m2 open-air Beach Club facing the sea where you can enjoy more than 3,500 m2 of swimming pools, ensuring a safe space for all our guests. - A permanent on-site medical facility and 24-hour ambulance service connected with Vithas International Hospital, just 5 km away. Covid-19 and antibody testing is also available upon request, in the hotel or in Vithas Hospital Benalmádena. - Isolation areas for potential cases: we would be able to allocate a self-isolation area in every hotel if any guest were to become infected. - Approval of suppliersthat comply with Covid-19 health and safety standards, thus ensuring that the services they provide the hotel are safe. Strict health and safety controls on receiving goods and products, prioritising locally sourced products and process traceability. - Safe routes and entrances for workers and suppliers: disinfectant mats and safety entrances.
Social distancing and respecting personal space are not an issue at Holiday World Resort, where we have spacious areas with different atmospheres so all guests can enjoy a safe holiday. In addition to our usual operations, we are going to: - Place safe distancing signage in all spaces. - Place directional arrows at points of sale and customer service. - Make changes to opening times for some services and operate on an appointment only basis. - Implement restricted capacity in outdoor and indoor spaces. - Implement restricted capacity in swimming pools. - Open more food service points, ensuring an even distribution of diners and safe distances at mealtimes, including buffet and table services. - Increase space in buffet areas by making use of open-air areas and creating new alfresco dining experiences on the terraces. - Implement new work systems to ensure that there are no large groups of staff in one place at one given time.
We have reviewed and intensified our health and safety protocols based on the Spanish government’s and public health guidelines and advice from experts with the objective of guaranteeing a safe experience at Holiday World Resort. To ensure such, we have: - Set a new daily cleaning and disinfection protocol in all rooms, thus increasing cleaning frequency. - Removed unnecessary accessories from rooms and protected and disinfected everything present in rooms after each guest check-out. - Expanded our fabric cleaning and disinfection protocol for each guest check-in. - Implemented a new cleaning and disinfection protocol in communal areas, increasing the cleaning frequency for high-traffic/high-contact areas (reception desks/counters, lifts, handrails, communal bathrooms). - Added hand hygiene stations with hydroalcoholic gel for guests and staff members in the main communal rooms and at main points of sale. - Implemented general hygiene measures for climate control systems: air handlers and ducts will be cleaned and disinfected before use. Ventilation has been improved and climate filter and air atomising systems cleaned. - Reviewed and intensified our internal General Environmental and Food Hygiene Plans. - Implemented a 360° safety protocol concerning staff uniform, which will be washed and ironed on the hotel premises at the temperature recommended by health organisations. We have removed items of uniform that are more exposed to risk and staff shall disinfect their footwear on entering the resort. - Installed a disinfection station in the luggage store to disinfect luggage and high-contact items (keys, cards, sports equipment) with disinfectant and/or UV light. - Made personal protective equipment available to staff members and guests in line with Spanish regulations. - Displayed additional posters to inform staff members and guests of the safety measures and protocols. - Implemented specific staff training on safety and prevention protocols. - Introduced a Safe Controller who supervises that protocols are being fulfilled in all areas. - Implemented a specific PROTOCOL IN CASE OF POSITIVE TEST RESULTS in accordance with public health recommendations.
Holiday World Resort's digital strategy is committed to innovation using technological solutions that minimise contact between guests and staff members, guaranteeing resort safety and championing sustainability. We have already implemented the following solutions: - Online check-in, available via our website. - 24-hour customer service via WebApp (including all guest services, restaurant reservations, excursion arrangement, etc.). - Online correspondence with guests (WebApp) in line with our paperless initiative. - Capacity counter technology. - Air atomising systems and UV rays to purify the environment. - Staff access to the resort via licence plate reader technology and clock in using face recognition, avoiding any type of physical contact before they start their shift.
As an essential part of the Holiday World Resort experience, we have adapted and added to our usual restaurant areas. Not only have we opened new spaces, we now offer new services. Furthermore, in line with our original plans, we are set to introduce Move to Fun this season, a jam-packed entertainment programme for all ages. // FOOD - Capacity control in all restaurant spaces. - We have reduced the number of tables inside our restaurants and made an alfresco dining area available on the terraces. - We have introduced dining sittings and pre-booking only. - We have removed physical menus and substituted them with digital menus. We use single-use tablecloths and prepare the tables in guests’ view. - Buffet adapted to new regulations and a selection of dishes freshly prepared to guests’ preferences. - Individual portions and individual packs shall be prioritised. - New room services and new take away options from on-site restaurants. - We have added hand hygiene stations in all restaurant spaces. // FUN - New entertainment programme, calledMOVE TO FUN, with open-air activities, shows and performances, as well as family-friendly activities in small groups. - There will be reduced capacity and hand hygiene stations in all indoor spaces, which will be cleaned and disinfected after use. - We are committed to offering a streamlined, digital entertainment programme that is accessible to all. - We are lucky to have a team of qualified entertainers who have been carefully hand-picked for each hotel. - We have designed a series offun activities for each age group (children, adults) and each area. What’s more, we have also included digital tools for new activities. - We want to prioritise open-air activities and have made some new outdoor spaces available too.