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Internal rules

In accordance with Art.31 of Decree 194/2010, of April 20, on the establishment of tourist apartments, the establishment of internal regime, which will be mandatory for users during their stay;

 The internal regulations may determine the conditions of admission, the rules of coexistence and operation, as well as everything that allows and favors the normal enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services, without contravening the provisions of law 12/ 1999, of December 15, nor in this decree.

1. Prohibitions:

- More people than those hired in the accommodation unit will not be allowed to stay in the accommodation unit, nor will they be able to register a number greater than the maximum capacity of each apartment, in which case, we will exercise the right of admission by evicting all the occupants of the apartment. and being able to cause extra charges in the apartment bill.

- Smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment, with the exception of outdoor spaces, which may cause extra charges on the room bill for a maximum amount of €200 for sanitation.

- It is not allowed to walk barefoot except in the pool area. Likewise, it is not allowed to enter or remain wet inside the facilities.

- The access of any domestic animal is prohibited except for people accompanied by guide dogs, as established by Law 5/1998 of November 23.

- Access to Holiday World is exclusively for lodged clients, the entry of any external company or person for whom a ticket has not been previously purchased for this purpose is forbidden. Permission to enter the complex will be subject to they entry criteria of the Front Desk department. The guidelines provided by the Front Desk must be followed at all times.

- Prohibited access to the complex with any type of drug, narcotic or psychotropic substances.

- No glass utensils are allowed in the pool area, the use of them could lead to expulsion from the establishment due to the danger involved.

- The use of portable kitchens and other outdoor kitchen uses such as barbecues, griddles, grills and derivatives is prohibited.

- The use of gel or salts in the Jacuzzi is strictly prohibited and may cause extra charges in your room.

2. It may be grounds for executing the right of admission to the establishment in the following cases:

- In the case that violent attitudes are manifested, a state of drunkenness, dangerous situations arise, or hygiene conditions are not met.

- When the person carries any type of weapon or objects that can be used as such.

- When it causes noise that disturbs the normal development of the establishment or threatens its social coexistence.

- Use the pools and other facilities outside the indicated hours

3. Jurisdiction:

- It is the right of Holiday World to communicate and notify the competent public authorities of any circumstance so that they can intervene if necessary.

The Court of Málaga will be competent to understand and resolve any controversy or conflict between the recipients of this Regulation and the establishment expressly waiving their Jurisdiction if they had it.