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Holiday World internal regulations

1. General description:
These Regulations contain the rules and regulations that will govern the relationship between Holiday World Hotels and its clients, visitors and occasional companions.
All clients, without distinction of any kind based on nationality, ethnic, racial, religious, sex or any other characteristic or condition, as well as those who accompany them occasionally and regular or temporary visitors to the hotel complex, must comply with and enforce the rules contained in this Regulation.
2. Scope of application:
This Regulation will apply and must be complied with in all sectors of exclusive or common use located within Holiday World Hotels without any distinction, especially in rooms, corridors, general facilities, dependencies, multipurpose rooms, Spa, living rooms, bars and restaurants, swimming pool, lobbies, bathrooms, and elevators, it being understood that the previous list is merely illustrative and not exclusive of other sectors or areas not mentioned that make up the hotel complex.
3. Recipients:
The following persons are considered especially addressees of this Regulation:
- Customers who access for the purpose of accommodation and use of the Holiday World Hotels facilities.
- Accompanying persons, occasional or temporary of the clients, whatever the link or the reason for the accompaniment.
- Users of restaurant services and other hotel facilities open to the general public.
- Any person who occasionally visits Holiday World Hotels, even if they do not consume or use any specific service of the hotel establishment; that is, those that are grouped under the concept of visitors.
- Attendees of events held at Holiday World, their contractors, organizers and the personnel involved in the contracted services.
4. Prohibitions:
The recipients of this Regulation are especially prohibited during their stay or transit in the hotel complex:
- Cause any type of disorder, vandalism, hostile behavior, disturbances, disturbances of order, or perform any act that may disrupt the tranquility, silence, rest and privacy that customers expect to find during their stay at Holiday World Hotels.
- Shouting or yelling for a long time.
- Act rudely or aggressively against other clients, companions, visitors to the hotel establishment, hotel employees, hierarchical or not, and even against their own companions.
- Carry out acts of violence, mental or moral intimidation, harassment of any kind, make threats, justified or not, and carry out any act, exclamation or expression that affects the honor, prestige or mental integrity of any recipient of this Regulation or of any Holiday World Hotels employee.
- Damage or deteriorate, in whole or in part, the facilities, goods, services and supplies of Holiday World, or of any other recipient of these Regulations.
- Use Holiday World services or benefits that, due to their additional cost, have not been previously paid or are not paid after being used when required.
- Introduce alcoholic beverages or substances prohibited by national or local legislation into the hotel complex.
- Bringing into the complex and / or having firearms or other weapons in their possession, without any exception.
- Access the rooms with occasional companions who are under 18 (eighteen) years of age.
- Execute, promote or encourage discriminatory acts against other clients, visitors or employees of the hotel establishment.
- Reveal or disseminate data of a confidential nature of Holiday World Hotels that have been obtained during your stay or transit through the hotel establishment.
5. Rights of Holiday World Hotels:
The total or partial non-observance of any of the rules of this Regulation authorizes Holiday World Hotels to execute, according to the criteria of the Management, any of the following procedures:
- Invite the offender to modify their behavior or habit.
- Insist on compliance with the provisions of this Regulation.
- Apply specific sanctions to the offender, such as a call for attention, suspension of the use of all or part of the facilities and / or services provided by the hotel, or expulsion from the hotel establishment.
- The Hotel reserves the exercise of its right of admission and permanence, and in exercising it, it may prohibit the entry of those people who have previously violated these Regulations and / or those who do not comply with the requirements listed above.
-Communicate and notify the competent public authorities of any of these circumstances so that they intervene if necessary.
The hotel management will apply the sanctions taking into account the following criteria: the seriousness and nature of the offense and the circumstances of the event; the repetition of behaviors of the offending subject; his background; and the application of previous sanctions to the offender.
Only in case of doubt in the application of the sanction, will the General Directorate be required to agree on an immediate action to be taken.
6. Jurisdiction and jurisdiction:
They will be competent to understand and resolve any controversy or conflict between the recipients of these Regulations and the hotel establishment, the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga expressly waiving their Jurisdiction if they had it.