Following the Footprint of Change

Holiday World Resort promotes sustainable initiatives in its hotel activity.

Change starts with you


Take a shower and save 150L of water

Take off the lights and air when you fo out

Reuse your sheets and towel whenever you can


Air conditioning and lighting account for 70% of our energy expenditure. For this reason, our housekeepers try not to waste water and prevent the lights from being left on uselessly.


Help us minimize environmental impact:


Leave your towels in the bathtub if you want new ones, and the sign you have on the nightstand over the sheets if you want us to change them, otherwise we will understand that you want to continue using them responsibly.


One more step towards sustainability

We still have a long way to go but we have already managed to reduce our brand and reduce our footprint and contribute to a more sustainable environment:

Reduction of plastics, replacing them with compostable, biodegradable or reusable materials.
Elimination of single-dose gels and shampoos, saving more than 250,000 units per year
Biodegradable amenities in the rooms
We reuse the tarps from the Holiday World Half Marathon to create new products
By replacing courtesy water in a plastic bottle with Tetrabrick, we have saved 127,000 plastic containers a year

Help us reduce our environmental footprint!